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SOUND CLIP: Below is a sound clip of Harold from SCTV.  The end is cut off abruptly, but other than that it is pretty funny.
SOUND CLIP: Below is a clip of Harold discussing his film "The Ice Harvest" with
SOUND CLIP: Below is a Ramis interview with National Public Radio.

CLICK HERE and then click "Listen" button

Below are links to two video clips from the official Second City website, of Harold discussing directing and SCTV.
(Both play in Windows Media Player; if you don't have that and really really want to see the clips, e-mail me and I will try to put up converted files.)

VIDEO: Harold Ramis & Sheldon Patimkin discuss directing

VIDEO: Harold Ramis discussing SCTV

VIDEO: Clip of Ramis discussing filmmaking (from documentary "Chicago Filmmakers on the Chicago River")


VIDEO -- Harold Ramis discusses : his direction style; directing for comedy

VIDEO -- Harold Ramis discusses : generational perspectives on comedy; anxieties about directing a large-scale film; improv in film

VIDEO -- Harold Ramis discusses : "Ghostbusters 3"; modern-day special effects animation

Below: VIDEO clip from "Stripes".  Not much Harold in it, but a good clip nonetheless.  ;-)